Invited Talks

Ramesh, K (2018) Impacts of ocean acidification on Swedish aquaculture. Departmental Seminar (Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences, Gothenburg University) 19.12.2018 in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Ramesh, K (2018) No evidence for amorphous calcium carbonate in bivalve larval shells: Understanding the paradigm. C-seminar (Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research) 23.04.2018 in Bremerhaven, Germany.

Conference Talks

Invited Panel Moderator (2022): State and trends of the voluntary carbon market, Carbon Forward October 2022 in London, UK.
Ramesh, K
 (2017) Elevated extracellular pH facilitates early shell formation under ocean acidification in mussel larvae. SEB Meeting 3-6.07.2017 in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Ramesh, K (2016) Elevated extracellular pH during early shell formation in the blue mussel Mytilus edulis. Ocean Sciences Meeting 21-26.02.2016 in New Orleans, USA.


Ramesh, K (2019) Effects of ocean acidification on the Northern shrimp, Pandalus borealis. University of Plymouth Marine Biology & Oceanography Fieldcourse. 04.04.2019 in Fiskebackskil, Sweden.


Ramesh, K.; Hu, M.; Thomsen, J.; Bleich, M.; Melzner, F. (2016) Elevated extracellular pH during early shell formation in the blue mussel, Mytilus edulis. Biomineralization Gordon Research Conference 14-19.08.2016 in Girona, Spain.

Ramesh, K.; Himmerkus, N.; Bleich, M.; Melzner, F. (2015) Responses of oyster hemocytes and their calcium bearing vesicles to ocean acidification. Aquatic Sciences Meeting 22-27.02.2015 in Granada, Spain.

Ramesh, K.; Brown, M. (2013) Reactive oxygen production and physiological changes in horned wrack, Fucus ceranoides, due to silver toxicity. British Phycological Society Conference 7-10.07.2013 in Belfast, UK.