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During my PhD, I decided to take pottery up as a hobby. This hands-on, creative activity was the perfect therapeutic match for the still, sterility of my lab-based work. Since then, despite several moves, pottery has been a part of life. Following the advice of several friends and family that have always been wanting to purchase my work, I have decided to start selling my clay crafts. 

My pottery reflects my love for the sea and sciences. I am constantly experimenting with new techniques, ideas, colours and concepts. All of my work is currently on sale and I have also been taking on bespoke commissions – just get in touch! Or if you’d like to see more, some of my work is available via the Pansa Gallery and I share all of my work through my Instagram account – @kirti_pots.

Thanks for taking the time to read the abridged version of my pottery story.

All my ceramics are individually crafted and true to my environmental background, I largely work with recycled clay and sometimes even recycled glazes. This means that colours always vary between batches and that pieces will contain unique speckles and stones. This makes every piece unique so please keep in mind that irregularities and marks are a part of the process.