I was a guest co-host on the 47th episode of Who’s Saving the Planet? … Podcast. We chatted with Post Carbon Lab about sustainable fashion and photosynthetic fabrics.

Interview with Dr. Yasmin Appelhans for a podcast on the German radio station NDR Info-2020

Book review of ‘The Mysteries of Mussels & How They Grow‘ childrens’ book in the The Grower-2019

Press release on childrens’ book about mussels. Center for Sea & Society – 2019

Sketchnote summarising my PhD defense. Illustrated by Meike Stumpp-2018.

Ocean acidification affects mussels at early life stages. – 2017

Ocean Sciences Meeting 2016 ‘Coral Reef Calcification in a Changing Ocean: From Microscale Mechanisms to Macroscale Responses.’ Session Summary  Limnology and Oceanography Bulletin- 2016

Meet researcher, Kirti Ramesh. – 2014